Jensen Ackles agora está no twitter!

Finalmente chegou o dia!!! Jensen criou um twitter!!!

O primeiro tweet dele foi 

Alright twitter…you win. #VanCon2014 #SPNFamily
— Jensen Ackles (@JensenAckles) 24 agosto 2014

Na sua bio está:  Ator. Diretor. Marido. Pai.
A conta foi verificada, recebeu o selo de Verdadeira.
E o icone, é uma foto do Jensen quando novo com a blusa do Dallas Cowboys.
E nos Trend Tops Br e Mundial Jensen está em primeiro, #JensenAcklesOnTwitter

Recebeu as boas-vindas da Esposa e de seus amigos, que não deixaram de zoar…
Veja alguns dos tweets: 

Welcome to twitter my love!!!@JensenAckles ;-))
— Danneel HarrisAckles (@DanneelHarris) 24 agosto 2014

Welcome to Twitter @JensenAckles! Here’s a picture you can use as your avatar!
— Felicia Day (@feliciaday) 24 agosto 2014

There goes the neighborhood… RT @JensenAckles: Alright twitter…you win. #VanCon2014 #SPNFamily
— Misha Collins (@mishacollins) 24 agosto 2014

@JensenAckles: Alright twitter…you win. #VanCon2014 #SPNFamily
— Gino Graul (@GinoGraul) 24 agosto 2014

It’s official! I am hereby confirming that Jensen Ackles IS now on twitter. U R welcome 🙂 @jensenackles #JensenAcklesOnTwitter
— Jared Padalecki (@jarpad) 24 agosto 2014

Yes.. Join us @JensenAckles, we’ll take good care of you.. it’s only slightly dark and moldy, and we nibble furiously but don’t bite..
— Osric Chau (@OsricChau) 24 agosto 2014

@JensenAckles welcome to the Tweet mate 🙂
— Sebastian Roché (@sebroche) 24 agosto 2014

@jarpad @JensenAckles Rejoice!!
— Sebastian Roché (@sebroche) 24 agosto 2014

It’s him! Jensen is on twitter!! @JensenAckles has been changed over to the real Jensen! Verified check coming!
— Suzanne Gomez (@Chico6) 24 agosto 2014

Thank god. RT @JensenAckles: Alright twitter…you win. #VanCon2014 #SPNFamily
— Stephen Amell (@amellywood) 24 agosto 2014

I just landed and heard the news. Welcome to the party @JensenAckles #Supernatural
— Adam Glass (@AdamGlass44) 24 agosto 2014

Aw, @JensenAckles you’ve grown from an Egg to a little boy in just hours! XO #spn #Supernatural Hugs 🙂
— Lauren Tom (@LaurenTom9000) 24 agosto 2014

@JensenAckles About time! I am so happy that nobody will ever ask me again why you are not on here!
— Jim Michaels (@TheJimMichaels) 24 agosto 2014

E com a criação do twitter Jensen recebeu alguns conselhos:

@JensenAckles lil advice :Don’t drink and tweet,EVER! Proof read your tweets, if not sure ask a friend..not Jared, he is still learning;-)jk
— Danneel HarrisAckles (@DanneelHarris) 24 agosto 2014

A few pointers for @jensenackles: 1) When you post something on twitter it’s called a “twit.”
— Misha Collins (@mishacollins) 24 agosto 2014

.@jensenackles 2) only 140 characters per twit. 3) @jarpad‘s feed is all lies & 4) twitter won’t let u post pics with full-frontal nudity.
— Misha Collins (@mishacollins) 24 agosto 2014

Also, @jensenackles, twitter sends u a generous check when you “favorite” or “retweet” posts from anyone with “ishacollins” in their handle.
— Misha Collins (@mishacollins) 24 agosto 2014

Sigam o Jensen! 
Tweets de @JensenAckles

Vem ver o que está rolando na convenção de Vancouver  – #VanCon

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